Wordless Wednesday: Edible Addiction

Girl Scout Cookies

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Tuesday Tip: How To Create A Photo Watermark

When I first started taking photography seriously (just over a year ago), protecting my photos online didn’t even cross my mind. I was excited if someone came to my blog and actually viewed one of my photos. Now, especially with Pinterest on the rise, I have been doing research on copyrighting photos and creating watermarks.

A Quick Copyright Lesson
Did you know that your photos are automatically copyrighted? That’s right. Thanks to the Berne Convention, you don’t need to put a “©” on your photos or have a unique watermark. You also don’t have to officially register them with them government in order to own your work. (Some people decide to register their copyrighted photos, because if they are stolen it’s easier to retrieve damages in court.) For more info, check out this article from Photosecrets.com. Continue reading

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Photos From A Bridal Boutique

This weekend I had the opportunity to go wedding dress shopping with my friend Lindsay and her family. I took some great photos of Lindsay in many different styles, but haven’t had a chance to show her the photos yet. So, I’m going to share with you some shots I took sans the bride-to-be.

First up, what bride-to-be could resist thumbing through this rack? So many different shapes and shades.

Wedding Dresses Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: A Heavenly Path

A Heavenly Path

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Mess-up Monday: Love Always

This weekend, I was on a mission to get outside and take some photographs, despite the 15 degree weather. I pulled on my hat and gloves, grabbed the camera bag, and drove East. I had intentions of finding some abandoned farm houses or barns, but ended up in a graveyard. Sinister? Perhaps. If you have never had the chance to photograph in a graveyard though, I suggest giving it a try before you knock it.

Since today’s post is “Mess-up Monday,” here’s one of the not so stellar shots from my trip.

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A Love List

And wuv, tru wuv, will fowow you foweva… So tweasure your wuv.

Bonus points if you can name the movie this quote came from! (Comment below). Since Valentine’s Day is this coming Tuesday, I thought I would use my Saturday Morning Muse to talk about my Valentine…My Stronger Half.

Valentine's Day

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Ready

Is it wrong that the first picture that popped into my mind for this week’s photo challenge “Ready” was this….?

Toilet Paper

Hmm, not sure what that says about me, but I decided to post it anyway! Judge away.

What photo would you use for this weekly challenge? Comment below with a link to your photos.

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Almost Wordless Wednesday: Wired

Wire Wheel

I haven’t had much time for photography this past week, with work and training for my half marathon. So, for this week’s Wordless Wednesday post I went back into my “vault” and found a digital macro shot I took in My Stronger Half’s shop the first summer we were dating. It’s amazing what a close-up shot can do to everyday tools.

Note: Thanks to Troy S. from Colorado for helping me name today’s photo “Wired”.

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Mess-Up Monday: Photos On The Go

I have a bad habit of taking photos at very inopportune times. I whip out my iPhone 4S while I’m in a moving car, behind a dirty windshield. Or at night, when the photo definitely won’t be clear. My mind’s eye imagines that the photo will come out crystal clear and exactly how I envision it.

As you might guess, this habit leaves me with quite a few photos for this “Mess-up Monday” series. Here’s a great example:
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10 Tips For Your First Half Marathon

This post is part of my “Saturday Morning (or in this case evening) Musings” series and has nothing to do with photography. Don’t worry, more photography-related posts will be back next week.

Running The Colorado Half-MarathonThe subtitle of this post should read, “From One Amateur to Another.”  I ran my first half marathon last May (the Colorado Half Marathon), and am currently training for my second one (Horsetooth Half Marathon). While one race doesn’t make me an expert, it does give me enough experience to provide suggestions for newbies. Below are some tips I was given by others, plus some I made up all on my own. Continue reading

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