Mess-Up Monday: Photos On The Go

I have a bad habit of taking photos at very inopportune times. I whip out my iPhone 4S while I’m in a moving car, behind a dirty windshield. Or at night, when the photo definitely won’t be clear. My mind’s eye imagines that the photo will come out crystal clear and exactly how I envision it.

As you might guess, this habit leaves me with quite a few photos for this “Mess-up Monday” series. Here’s a great example:

I drive by this industrial area (called Commerce City) every day on my way to and from work. During the day, it’s…well…industrial. And it smells awful. But at night a transformation happens that almost makes it beautiful. As I was stuck in traffic, moving about 5 miles per hour, I decided to take this photo. Of course, it looked awesome on my iPhone screen. Not so much on my laptop though.

The solution? Make it “artistic.” I used a few of the filters in Photoshop to give this photo a “I made it look blurry on purpose” sort of feel. You be the judge. Better? Worse?

Here’s the Motion Blur version…

Motion Blur Photoshop Filter

Here’s the Palette Knife version…

Palette Knife Photoshop Filter

Oh, and if you want some tips for not shooting blurry photos to begin with, check out this quick article by


About Wendy from Suburban Misfit

Social Media Manager by day; blogger and amateur photographer by night.
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