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2010 in Photos

I’m an amateur photographer and just recently got my Nikon D70 (which I love). I’m slowly learning how ISO, shutter speed, and aperture all work together to make the perfect picture. Hopefully 2011 will bring better pictures! Before my entry … Continue reading

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A Colorado Snow Day

While the rest of the country has been digging themselves out of snow, we have been wishing and waiting for some white stuff. The Colorado mountains have been getting it, but we in the flat lands have been missing it. … Continue reading

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My Daily iPhone Routine

I work in a social media bubble where everyone owns iPhones. We discuss the coolest new apps, complain about Facebook’s unannounced updates, and read Mashable on a daily basis. And then…I drive into my semi-rural suburban neighborhood where big trucks … Continue reading

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Drink Chai: Save Money

I love Starbucks. I could spend hours sitting there drinking coffee and people watching. (By the way…Have you ever noticed people have very important meetings at Starbucks? Interviews. College group project discussions. Break-ups. Oh yeah…I’ve seen it all). The problem … Continue reading

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Sleeping Misfit Kitty

Ok, I’ll admit it. I treat my cat like I would probably treat a child. I gush over him, I send pictures of him to my mom, and I ask My Stronger Half every other hour, “Isn’t he the cutest … Continue reading

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Why I Started a Blog

For Christmas, My Stronger Half and one of his family members bought me Seasons 1 and 2 of Mad Men. (If you haven’t seen it, the show is about the Madison Avenue advertising industry in the 1960s. It’s chock full … Continue reading

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