My Sundance Schwag

I’ve been home from the Sundance Film Festival for 5 days and I’m still recovering. I think that’s a sign…a sign I’m getting old. Well, that and the fact that I can’t sleep past 8am because my back starts to hurt. *Sigh*

Since today is my cleaning day (the house hasn’t been cleaned since two weeks ago!), I’m going through all of the schwag I received at Sundance and finding a place for it all. I thought you might want to see what kind of brands were giving away product to the celebs…and hard working social media peeps like me.

  1. got2b Texture Powder from Schwarzkopf
    In one of our locations at Sundance, there was a mini hair salon where people could get their hair styled. My hair is super straight and hardly ever holds a curl, so I asked them to give me the “wavy curls” look. After curling my hair, the stylist used this texture powder to give me that “messy, sexy look.” To my surprise, the curls held! Here’s a photo of the product. I couldn’t find this exact one online, which is why I don’t have it hyperlinked for you.got2b Texture Powder
  2. Pin-Striped Military Cap from Contraband
    Contraband sells hats for men and women. The day I picked mine up, it was dumping snow in Park City, and it was perfect for keeping the top of my head dry. I like to wear these hats on the weekend or up camping.Pin-Striped Military Hat from Contraband
  3. New Products from Burt’s Bees
    I am addicted to the lip balm from Burt’s Bees, so I was happy to see them at Sundance with some new products! I got the facial cleanser and moisturizer from their sensitive skin line, facial wipes with white tea extract, one of their new body soaps, and the new grapefruit flavor of their lip balm.Burt's Bees ProductsBurt's Bees Lip Balm with Grapefruit
  4. Boots from Bearpaw
    I happened to be working right next to the Bearpaw Shoes station and was lucky enough to snag some before I left. Unfortunately, they were about a size too small for me, so Misfit Sister got a reallynice gift from Park City. I love the laces up the back!Bearpaw Boots


  5. Joan of Arctic Boots from Sorel
    Ok, so I can’t complain toomuch about not fitting in the Bearpaw boots, because I got a pair of Sorels. I didn’t get them for free (we were explicitly told they were for celebrities only), but I did get a VIP card for 50% off. I was able to snag these boots for a great price and they showed up just a few days later. They’re waterproof, but we hardly have any snow left here in Colorado! (Notice the tiny patch I was able to find in my backyard).Joan of Arctic Boots from Sorel
  6. Karen High Rise Skinny Jeans
    Skinny jeans look terrible on me. I have big hips and small ankles and skinny jeans just perpetuate the situation. BUT…skinny jeans are a must for riding boots, which I bought recently. So, I was super excited to get a pair of these high rise skinny jeans. What I love about these jeans (other than the dark color of course) is that the waist is slightly higher (we’re NOT talking mom jeans), so when you sit down your underwear is not hanging out. They’re awesome!
    Karen High Rise Skinny Jeans 
  7. Samsung Galaxy Tablet
    I was super fortunate to pick up a Samsung Galaxy Tablet before flying back home. I must admit, I’m an Apple fan through and through and have been wanting an iPad since they came out. I just couldn’t swing the $600 though, so I’ve been content with my iPhone. However, I have to say that Apple has a strong competitor in Samsung. I’ve been using my new tablet for blogging, to hit up Swagbucks, watch videos, and play on Facebook. Oh…and this tablet plays Flash, unlike the iPad.Samsung Galaxy Tablet

I’m truly blessed to have had the opportunity to go to Sundance, meet some great people, and bring home some great schwag.

Next up? SXSW in Austin!


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