5 Funny Tim Tebow Stories From This Week

Why am I writing about Tim Tebow on my photography blog? Saturday mornings are my time to muse about anything. Plus, I have Tebow fever!

Tim TebowFor those of you who don’t live in Colorado, it’s hard to explain just how we’re feeling about the Broncos and Tim Tebow this morning. I have it. My parents have it. My co-workers have it. My friends have it. (My Stronger Half doesn’t have it). What do we have? Tebow Fever.

Broncos merchandise is flying off the shelf. Misfit Mom almost had to fight some lady over two Tebow jerseys just the other day. Our radio stations talk about him every day. Our workplaces are filled with Tebow buzz. Of course, the entire nation is buzzing about Tebow, so I thought I would share 5 of my favorite Tim Tebow stories from this past week.

1. Youth Pastor Creates “Ask Me On A Date, Tim Tebow” Video
This 24-year old woman got coverage nationally for creating this video. Check it out:

2. Barbie Tebows in the Dream House
Misfit Dad sent me this photo and I thought it was hilarious. Click on the thumbnail below to see the larger image.

Barbie tebow on Twitpic

3. Salem Witches Hold Seance To Stop Tebow From Winning

Don’t worry though…they did not “hex” Tebow, because they’re good witches. Do you think Tom Brady is glad that he has witches on his side? Click the link above to the read the whole story.

4. John Parr Updates “St. Elmo’s Fire” To Honor Tebow

And why shouldn’t he? Maybe this will re-spark his career! Be sure to read the comments on YouTube. They’re the best part.

5. Someecards Creates A Tebow Card For Your Co-Workers

Someecards is my favorite virtual greeting card site, and of course they would get in on the Tebow-mania.

Here’s hoping the Broncos win tonight!!


About Wendy from Suburban Misfit

Social Media Manager by day; blogger and amateur photographer by night.
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