Tuesday Tip: How To Use Pinterest For Photo Inspiration


My Pinterest Account

I work in social media, so I’m constantly looking for the next best thing when it comes to connecting with others online. Pinterest has been getting a ton of buzz lately, so I’ve been spending some time figuring out how to use it.

In case you haven’t heard of it, Pinterest is a virtual pinboard that allows you to organize things you find on the web. According to the “About” page, “People use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and organize their favorite recipes.” You know what I’m using it for? Photography inspiration. It’s the perfect place to gather photos I love in one place, so when I’m feeling uninspired I have a place to go.

Here’s how to use Pinterest for your own photo inspiration.

  1. Sign Up For An Account
    Pinterest accounts are currently available by invite only. I have a few invitations left, so if you’re interested just leave a comment on this post, and I’ll send you an invite. Otherwise, you can request an invite here.
  2. Install the Pin It Button On Your Bookmarks Toolbar
    This button will allow you to pin photos you find on any website. Pinterest will automatically detect which browser you are using to give the you appropriate button.
  3. Setup Your Pinboards
    Once you’re logged in, click on the Add+ link at the top right and choose “Create A Board”. Boards are essentially the categories you will use to pin things. I set mine up based on type of photography: black & white, portraits, nature, and miscellaneous.
  4. Start Pinning Your Favorite Photos
    I started on websites that I visit frequently to pin some of my favorite photos. Once you’re on a page with a photo you like, simply pull up your bookmarks toolbar and click “Pin It”. You can choose which photo from the page to pin and what board the photo should be pinned to. You can also write notes for each photo — I use this to write what I like about the photo I pinned.
  5. See What Others Are Pinning
    Pinterest has a search functionality that allows you to search by keyword. I searched for “photography” and found some interesting photos others had pinned. If you click on one of these photos, you can like it or repin it to one of your own boards.

That’s it! Easy as pie. Some websites are starting to include a “pin it” button to make pinning content even easier, so be on the lookout for those.

Do you use Pinterest? Leave your username below and I’ll follow you!


About Wendy from Suburban Misfit

Social Media Manager by day; blogger and amateur photographer by night.
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7 Responses to Tuesday Tip: How To Use Pinterest For Photo Inspiration

  1. Lucy says:

    Wendy, I would love an invite! I have been tremendously interested in pinterest for a while, but was too afraid it would just give me more reasons to be on the I-Pad so I have been putting it off. But… I think it is time to fully check it out (if you still have any invites left to give away). And having a photography inspiration board is a great idea.
    Thank, Lucy

  2. vicky92569 says:

    As usual, you are so spot on…I have just been hearing the buzz about Pinterest. (And the traffic it can drive to a site.) πŸ™‚ I would love an invite if you have one left (vicky92569@yahoo.com) Thanks!

    • I just sent you an invite Vicky! Last night I was pinning photos and literally a few seconds later other people (who I didn’t know) were repinning and liking what I was pinned. This could definitely be a great traffic driver!

  3. Lucy says:

    Thanks, Wendy!

  4. Cinthya says:

    Hi, I use it to organize ideas for photography as well. I hope to one day be a proffessional photographer and I’m always doing research and this is a good way to do it. Before I would just write links down but they were all over the place and not so organized.

    Here is my Pinterst: http://pinterest.com/cinthyatravis/

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