Volkswagon Junkies

Have you ever met a Volkswagon junkie? I’m not talking about the “I just bought a brand new Passat and love it” people. I’m talking about hard core Volkswagon fanatics. You know, ones who have people made out of Volkswagon signs.

Volkswagon People

My Stronger Half used to be one of them. In fact, he’s owned something like 25-30 Volkswagons in his lifetime. Don’t ask me how…I still have no idea how someone could own that many cars.

Yesterday was Volkswagon on the Greens: one of the largest VW shows in the country…right here in Colorado. We decided to go and check out what the “new scene” is like. Here are some of the things we found.

Rust on purpose? Yep. This is one of My Stronger Half’s buddy’s car.

Rusted Hood

BBS wheels. Let’s be clear…I know nothing about cars. But “BBS Wheels this” and “BBS Wheels that” probably means these are where it’s at.

BBS Wheels

My Stronger Half checking things out.


Old is in.

Rusty Mirror

Love the matching bike. Which do you think goes faster?

Matching Bike

I thought this Euro plate was interesting. Europe has all the fun BTW. Royal weddings. Sweet looking plates…

Euro Plate

Ok check this out. If you like wood floors in your house, why not put them in your car too? Clean up would be a breeze. Of course, this car looks like nobody has actually worn shoes in it. (Side note: My Stronger Half used to keep slippers in his car. He would take off his shoes and put on his slippers before driving to keep his interior spotless. I know…crazy!).

Wood Interior

What car show…no, what day in life, would be complete without a Jersey Shore reference?

Jersey Shore

Uh oh. I know this look. This can’t be good for me or my garage space.

Thinking About Cars

A quick (and blurry) snapshot of My Stronger Half and me.

My Stronger Half and Me

Are you part of the Volkswagon scene or do you know somebody who is? I’d love to see pictures.


About Wendy from Suburban Misfit

Social Media Manager by day; blogger and amateur photographer by night.
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2 Responses to Volkswagon Junkies

  1. peter heppner says:

    I like the white 67 combi in the background of the last photo. Is that a keg on the back?

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