In My Kitchen – A Photo Album

I often get  inspired to try new things when I see someone else eating or drinking them. I’ll see a co-worker munching on ‘crispy kale’ or read a blog post about soba noodles, and the next thing I know it’s on my shopping list.

So, I thought I would do a quick photo album of what I keep in my kitchen. Maybe you’ll be inspired. Maybe you’ll be grossed out. Who knows? Either way, this is me. You are what you eat, right? (P.S. I did not include my favorite chai in this list, since I already talked about it here. It’s delicious!)

  1. Greek Yogurt

    Greek Yogurt

    I got hooked on Greek yogurt last Fall when I started lifting weights with My Stronger Half. I love the tangy taste, plus it has more protein and less sugar than “normal” yogurt. I bought Fage yogurt this past week, because it was on sale at my local grocery store. I’ve tried a few different brands and like them all (so far).

  2. Organic, Free-Range Chicken Broth

    Organic, Free-Range Chicken Broth

    I use chicken broth in my cooking frequently. For example, I throw some frozen chicken breasts in my crock-pot with chicken broth, 1 can cream of chicken soup, and spices (thyme and sage). 8-10 hours later? A meal! I also believe in the benefits of going organic, although sometimes it’s too pricey for my budget.

  3. Agave


    Agave goes great on/in anything you would normally use honey for. I use it in smoothies with fruit and coconut milk, and occasionally in my tea as well. It has a low glycemic index and is an immune booster. (You can read more about it here.)

  4. Evol Burritos

    Evol Burritos

    I’m a fan of convenience, but I’m also somewhat health conscious. So, I usually stock my freezer with all-natural, frozen lunches. One of my co-workers turned me on to Evol Burritios. Add a little salsa and you’ve got yourself an interesting lunch!

  5. Sparkling Water

    Sparkling Water

    I’m a Diet Coke fiend. Every day at about 3:00pm I crave this brown, carbonated, liquid crack. Then one day, I thought about how gross it was that I was drinking a brown liquid that had pretty much nothing natural about it. Enter….sparkling water. La Croix has different flavors (Grapefruit is shown) and it’s all natural. No artificial sweeteners. I’ve found that the carbonation in these cans is enough to make me forget about Diet Coke. At least for a couple hours.

  6. Green Tea with Jasmine

    Green Tea with Jasmine

    Green tea is a nightly ritual for me. I find that it calms me down, helps me digest my food better, and warms me up. I specifically love green teas with Jasmine. Above is the most recent box I’ve purchased, which also has lemon. Occasionally I will put a dash of milk in my tea for a special treat.

    What about you? What’s in your kitchen?


About Wendy from Suburban Misfit

Social Media Manager by day; blogger and amateur photographer by night.
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3 Responses to In My Kitchen – A Photo Album

  1. Sipp says:

    Edemame..In individual packages..annnnd..Otter Pops..aka my ‘frozen’ liquid crack.
    I love your idea of the sparkling water, I’ll chk it out!

  2. Robin says:

    Mmmm… Greek yogurt. Great stuff. I’m also a chai and green tea w/jasmine drinker. And that La Croix? Got some of that too. Funny about that. I have a similar tale. When I was working outside of the home I was hooked on Diet Coke. I’d buy one of those HUGE fountain drinks and sip on it all day. I think it might have been rotting out my insides. I switched to La Croix and never looked back. I feel better for the switch, too.

    As for other stuff, my kitchen is really well stocked right now (as are my pantries and freezers) with both store bought and home canned or frozen goods. It would be a long list. With all the snow we usually get here, it’s best to be well-stocked.

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