A New Year’s Resolution

I realized something the past couple weeks. I complain. A lot. I complain about my work; I complain about my aches and pains; I complain about being the only one not getting married and having babies. *sigh* It’s a wonder My Stronger Half puts up with me!

So this year, my New Year’s Resolution is to A New Year's Resolutionstop complaining. Actually, I’m going to limit my complaining, because let’s face it…sometimes you just have to let off a little steam. Apparently, this New Year’s Resolution was the perfect one for me. Last night while we were sitting at home, I mentioned this ‘no complaining’ resolution to My Stronger Half. You should have seen the look he gave me! I am now determined to follow through and prove to him that it can be done. Here’s hopin‘…

Happy New Year!

What’s your New Year’s Resolution for 2011?


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3 Responses to A New Year’s Resolution

  1. Robin says:

    My #1 resolution this year is to take better care of myself (which is really an extension of something I’ve been working on anyhow). I also have a theme for the year which is: Declutter. On all levels.

    Your resolution for this year is similar to one I made last year. I realized I was starting a lot of sentences with the words, “I hate…” (which is another way of complaining, as in “I hate it when…”). “Hate” is such a strong word and it occurred to me that it isn’t one I should be using on a regular basis. Just by stopping that, I cut my complaining down considerably.

    • Both fantastic resolutions. I’m a declutter-er (haha) by nature. It feels good to have space! I’ll have to try getting rid of the words “I hate” in my day-to-day. I think that could really help!

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