Drink Chai: Save Money

I love Starbucks. I could spend hours sitting there drinking coffee and people watching. (By the way…Have you ever noticed people have very important meetings at Starbucks? Interviews. College group project discussions. Break-ups. Oh yeah…I’ve seen it all). The problem is, a latte now costs over $4.00 at my local Bucks and my budget is a bit tight these days.

Now I know some budget-savvy bloggers recommend buying an espresso machine and making your own latte at home. Here’s the deal though: they never taste the same! I don’t care who you are and how great your barista skills are. Starbucks has the special touch. Or…they put crack in their coffee. One of the two.

Last year, I did find out a ‘secret’ about how they make their chai. In short…they don’t. They use Tazo chai, but they put it in a fancy squirt bottle so you don’t know! You can buy the Tazo spiced black tea latte concentrate at your local grocery store. It looks like this:



















I buy the organic version, because it’s the same amount of money and organic is better. To make your chai latte:

1. Grab your favorite mug.
2. Fill it half full with chai latte concentrate.
3. Fill the other half with your choice of milk (I prefer 2%).
4. Heat in the microwave for about 2 minutes.

Voila! A chai that tastes just like it does at Starbucks!
Each box of chai concentrate you buy at the store costs around $4.00 and will make 4-5 chai lattes. That means, you get 4-5 mugs of chai for the same price as 1 mug at Starbucks! Now go drink chai and be merry.

Disclaimer: Tazo did not contact me to write this post. I write about them, because I love their product. ‘Nough said.


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